1. Large & small cutting boards

Choose bamboo or wood. Glass dulls knives and plastic harbors bacteria.

2. Chopping knife

We love Santoku style knives.

3. Small paring knife

Perfect for small jobs like peeling.

4. Wooden spoons  

Get a variety of sizes, including slotted. Olive wood is our favorite.

5. Dutch oven

A sturdy pot with lid. A cast iron dutch oven will last a lifetime.

6. Iron skillet

Just a basic cast iron skillet is naturally nonstick.

7. Citrus juicer

Nothing fancy needed. A handheld wooden juicer helps squeeze lemons and limes just fine.

8. Vegetable peeler

Makes fast work of skinning a potato.

9. Wooden skewers

Transform veggies into exciting grilled kabobs.

10. Cork trivet

Go from stovetop to table to make serving easier.

Now you’re prepped and ready to create any Lightlife® meatless meal!