A Taste of Honesty

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard prove that brutal honesty is the secret to great parenting.

Tastes so good you don’t have to lie about it being plant-based

Lightlife Plant-Based Burgers taste as delicious as traditional burgers, without ingredients like GMOs, soy, gluten or artificial flavors.

Honest Parents.
Honest Burgers.

Lightlife belives that honesty—even brutal honesty—is the best policy, in parenting and in food. And when you have food that’s honestly good, you don’t have to lie to get people—even your kids—to eat it.

That’s why our burgers are made from plants and use 40% fewer ingredients than other plant-based burgers. It’s also why we can tell our kids with total confidence that the new Lightlife Plant-Based Burgers are honestly good, for them and their taste buds.

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