We’ve made a
clean break.

Will you?

Lightlife Burger

Plant-based protein done differently.

There are two kinds of plant-based proteins: The kind made by “food tech” companies that use GMOs, hyper-processed ingredients, and unnecessary additives and fillers to attempt to mimic meat in every way.

And then there’s us. We develop our plant-based protein in a kitchen, not a lab. We use ingredients that are recognizable, simple to pronounce, and processed as little as possible. Our food is not only more delicious as a result but also gives people the clean plant-based protein options they are seeking.

We’ve made a clean break, and we hope you will too.

An Open Letter to Those Curious About Plant-Based Protein


An Open Letter to Beyond Meat & Impossible Foods


The proof is on our pack.

We use just 11 plant-based ingredients in our burger. They are clean, recognizable, and simple to say. Compare the “food tech” companies’ ingredients to ours and see for yourself.

How we make our plant-based burger.

Our process is as clean as our ingredients. We only use the minimum amount of processing required — less than other plant-based food companies. In fact, there are only five steps. It’s not unlike how you’d make burgers in your own kitchen.

Step 1

Mix our plant fiber with
water, oil and seasoning

Step 2

Hydrate pea protein by
blending with water, oil,
seasoning and natural flavors

Step 3

Add our mixture to the
pea protein for the perfect
plant-based combination

Step 4

Press the patties

Step 5

Freeze, package and seal

Try clean plant-based food for a change.

Haven’t tried our Lightlife Plant-Based products yet? Here’s a little something to tip the scales. Already had it and loved it? That’s great too. Enjoy more on us.


What else do you want to know?

Who are you making a clean break from?

We’ve made a clean break from other plant-based protein companies that attempt to mimic meat at any cost.

At the end of the day, this is about consumers. We did extensive shopper research and people continue to tell us they are craving cleaner, great-tasting plant-based proteins, but often have trouble finding what they need.

We want people and plant-based protein eaters to know that cleaner plant-based protein is possible.

Why are you making a clean break?

A lot of people expressed concern about the number and type of ingredients that go into some plant-based protein brands, so we approached our recipe reformulation with two main goals in mind: great taste and simple, recognizable ingredients. This offers people more choices on shelf, making plant-based protein more inviting.

Our competitors can continue to mimic meat in every way. We’re committed to using simple ingredients and methods to make the clean and delicious plant-based food that people have been asking for.

What do you mean by “clean” plant-based protein?

A lot of people have expressed concerns about the number and type of ingredients that many plant-based protein brands use.

Our newly reformulated products are clean, which means they are made with fewer, simpler, more recognizable ingredients that you can pronounce like pea protein, coconut oil, and beet powder. 

We also don’t use GMOs, synthetically produced compounds, or “fake blood” in an attempt to mimic traditional meat. Our new Plant-Based Burger doesn’t contain any unnecessary additives or fillers and has fewer ingredients than the others that you’ll find on the shelf. We encourage you to take a look and compare.

Why do you refuse to use unnecessary additives and fillers, GMOs, and hyper-processed ingredients?

When making our products, we believe less is best—fewer ingredients and less processing leads to a better product with delicious taste. So, we aim to use the fewest ingredients possible. We don’t use any unnecessary additives and fillers to enhance taste, texture, or color. We also don’t use GMOs or any other ingredients created in a lab

From start to finish, our burger is less processed than other plant-based protein companies. While we process our ingredients, we only use the minimal amount required to accentuate their natural flavor or nutritional potential. This means our food is simpler. In fact, many of our biggest fans tell us they feel better after eating Lightlife.

Are all your plant-based products made with clean ingredients?

We’re currently in the process of reformulating all the products within our portfolio.

We started with some of our most popular products first.  Our Plant-Based Burgers, Sausages, Grounds, and Breakfast Links and Patties have all been reformulated with fewer, simpler ingredients, and the great taste you’ll love. This was just the first step.

You can look forward to seeing more new and improved products with simplified ingredients and great taste across by the end of the year.

And don’t forget to try our Tempeh, which has always been made with simple ingredients.

Lightlife is a plant-based food company, but aren’t you owned by a company that produces meat too?

Yes, we are.

Lightlife Foods is owned by Greenleaf Foods, an independent subsidiary of Maple Leaf Foods. Together we are one of the first carbon-neutral food companies in the world. While we do make different products, we’re proud of the mission we share: to help the world eat in a better, more sustainable, and more affordable way.

At Lightlife, we’re solely focused on plant-based protein and bringing consumers simpler, more delicious options.

We’ve also made a significant investment in expanding our production capacity with a brand-new manufacturing facility and pursuing new innovative capabilities and partnerships to help put plant-based protein on more people’s tables than ever before.

Why are you addressing other plant-based protein brands?

We believe that when companies challenge each other to be better, you win.

Our main goal is to get more people to eat more plant-based protein more often. Through our consumer research, many people told us they were looking for plant-based options made from simple, recognizable ingredients, but that none existed. We now offer these clean plant-based options, and it’s important that everyone knows.

By offering more options, we make plant-based protein more inviting for everyone.

If you simplified your ingredients, do your products still taste good?


We developed our newly-reformulated products with two main goals in mind: Deliver great taste, and use simple, recognizable ingredients.

Don’t take our word for it. Try one for yourself.

What’s Lightlife’s vision to help grow the plant-based category?
The plant-based food sector is dynamic and evolving. We want more people to explore and love eating delicious plant-based protein. We believe the future of plant-based food is clean, minimally processed food that still tastes good. Our R&D team is constantly exploring new protein options to discover new ways to bring high-quality protein into our foods.

Find Lightlife® at
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Find Lightlife® at
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