Good news! As of August 2018, Lightlife is available in Canada. We've brought nine of our bestselling SKUs to select retailers throughout Canada.

Lightlife's full product line is available throughout the United States. To find a product in a store near you, visit our store locator

We do have products that don't use wheat, such as our Smart Dogs and tempeh. That said, we produce all our products in the same plant, so we aren’t able to label any of them certified gluten-free. We list all ingredients on the package and on our site here: If you have a gluten allergy, we recommend you consult with your physician before consuming.

We’ve used non-GMO soy for more than 15 years, and all of our products are currently going through the verification process with the Non-GMO Project.

Lightlife products go through a pasteurization process after they have been packaged. This pasteurization step is a critical food safety step in our process and fully cooks the product. Although you can safely eat them out of the package, we find most of our products are much more appetizing when prepared according to package directions.

All of our refrigerated products are kosher Ⓚ. 

Our products are at their highest quality when they have not been frozen, but we understand that some consumers prefer to store them in this way to extend the amount of time they have to consume them. Unopened products can be frozen for up to a year if the product is put in the freezer before the “best by” date. Quality over time will be diminished, especially if they are frozen close to the “best by” date and the product would not be the same as a freshly bought product.

We do not recommend consuming our products after the “best by” date.

The dark areas are from the production process - they are edible and perfectly normal. Tempeh is a fermented product that incubates for several hours. During incubation, the black and white areas develop as part of heating and cooling. The dark areas are purely cosmetic and will not affect the flavor, texture or shelf life of the product. Our tempeh is pasteurized after it has been packaged and therefore is a cooked product. If you notice any spots that appear a color other than black or white, please do not eat the product.