Our Food

There’s always something to make with Lightlife. We make Food That Shines™: better-tasting, easy-to-prep, plant-based proteins that give you positive energy you can feel good about. And here’s the best part: the journey to a better you starts with just one bite.



Our Organic Tempeh is high in protein, versatile, and made with simple ingredients you know and love. Whether you sauté or bake it, you can enjoy it any way you want for a balanced bite.


Plant-Based Ground

Our Plant-Based Ground can do it all—make tacos, toss it in pasta or add it to your favorite chili.


Plant-Based Breakfast

Wake up to our balanced breakfast options—made with simple plant-based ingredients the whole family can feel good about eating.


Plant-Based Sausages

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy our Plant-Based Sausages. Toss in a jambalaya, mix into a pasta sauce or top ’em with your favorite fixings.


Plant-Based Deli Slices

Our Plant-Based Deli options taste like traditional deli slices but without the saturated fat or cholesterol. So, feel good about biting into your favorite sandwich no matter what variety you choose.


Plant-Based Chicken

Plant-Based Chicken. First-of-its-kind Plant-Based Chicken Tenders and Plant-Based Chicken Fillets with legit chicken taste and texture. Enjoy a classic mealtime staple but without the guilt.


Plant-Based Burgers

Grab your favorite toppings and fire up the grill with our deliciously guilt-free Plant-Based Burgers.



Our Plant-Based Smart Dogs® offer up all the taste of a traditional hot dog but without the saturated fat and cholesterol. Dress it with your favorite toppings and bite into a summertime classic.


Where to Buy

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