The same flaxseed that’s been enjoyed for almost 5,000 years is now yours by way of the great taste of tempeh. Nutritious and loaded with fiber, it adds a unique spin on any meal. Try it diced in a curry or grilled like a steak.

That’s right—we’ve taken our protein-rich organic tempeh and mixed it full of organic carrots, sweet red peppers, green peppers, and onions. Inspired by tempeh’s Indonesian roots, this oh-so-tempting tempeh adds a jolt of nutrition to any recipe. Try it on its own as a garden fresh entrée, or add it to a veggie casserole.  

With a rich, bold flavor, this tempeh is an organic treat to be savored. Bring the smoky, savory bacon-like flavor to your sandwiches and salads, or bake it as a main course.

Enjoy our original Organic Soy Tempeh in its purest form. Tender, tasty and packed with soy protein, it shines in any tempeh recipe. Marinate it with your favorite flavors and pop it in the oven or brown in a skillet.

Organic Three Grain Tempeh® is a hearty protein made from a subtle-tasting blend of brown rice, barley and millet. It’s a natural in stir-fries and holds up well on a skewer.